About Us

Earth Care now numbers twenty-one faith communities. Born in late 2007 when members of eight faith communities met to explore possible collaborations, Earth Care has:

  • Facilitated fifteen sets of Cut Your Carbon workshops in eight faith communities;
  • Procured bike racks for nine faith communities (thank you Bloomington Bicycle Club!);
  • Put together two Walbicus - Bike Walk Carpool Bus - to Worship months;
  • Held a building energy efficiency workshop and lunch for two hundred people;
  • Organized a presentation by a Climate Project presenter and children's earth care workshop for seventy people;
  • Co-sponsored and publicized numerous energy efficiency workshops;
  • Reached out to eighty other congregations; and
  • Organized Green Teams to help congregations reduce their energy usage.

How We Work

Our Steering Committee sets policy and strategic direction. We organize most of our activities through working groups – the Cut Your Carbon Working Group, Earth Care Green Team, Speak Up for the Earth Working Group, and Walbicus to Worship Working Group. Our Clergy Advisory Council helps us with outreach and advocacy.