Making Our Voices Heard

Why Advocate?

Conserving goods and energy is essential, but not sufficient. In Indiana, 96% of our electricity comes from power plants that burn coal - a major source of heat-trapping CO2 emissions. Scientists warn that, to return the atmosphere to safe levels of heat-trapping gases before it’s too late, we must stop burning coal by 2030.

Indiana legislators must hear that shifting to renewable energy is an important priority. Utility companies exert great influence over legislators,making it even more important for
citizens to make their voices heard.

Our 100-District Strategy

Key Points:

  • When legislators hear from 20 people about an issue, it takes on new significance.
  • All 100 representatives and 50 senators need to hear from their constituents that Indiana is ready for clean, renewable energy.
  • Several bills now under consideration seem to support renewable energy, but include subsidies and incentives for utilities to continue "business as usual," despite the enormous economic and environmental costs of burning coal.

The Plan:

1. We need at least 154 people to commit to this plan as "ground level" participants.

2. Each ground level participant must find three people to serve as their partners.

3. Each ground level participant and each of their three partners must do two things:

  • contact their legislators for the bills in question (see sidebar for information) with a personalized email, phone call, letter, or postcard, and
  • persuade at least three other people to do the same.

If all 154 "ground level" and partners do this, we will generate over 2000 contacts with legislators!

4. 2000 contacts to the same one or two legislators will not influence the process much. To ensure that each and every representative and senator is hearing from people who care for creation, record your contacts here and use this 100-district strategy map to see which districts need more people to be involved. Contact people of your faith in these districts and urge them to speak out! Every time you ask someone to call or write to a legislator, direct them to this website and encourage them to record their actions here.

Important: If you are committed to being one of the 154 "ground level" participants in this plan, please send an e-mail to let us know ( This will help us a) know how many people are still needed; b) track the effectiveness of these efforts; and c) obtain feedback from you about how things go. Thank you!

What else?:

Here are some additional actions you can take to influence legislation in Indiana and our nation. If you can’t do them all, don’t worry! Do what you can.

1. Contact your US senators and representatives and let them know your views

2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Here's how to find yours.

3. Start a letter-writing campaign in your faith community.

4. Arrange to visit your legislator with three or four people and ask others to authorize you to speak on their behalf. Let your legislator know that you will be watching.

5. Testify at the General Assembly

6. Sign up for action alerts, [COMING SOON: link to sign up page] and ask your contacts throughout the state to sign up as well. We promise to keep email to a minimum, but want to have a way to contact concerned people quickly when action is needed.