Why cut CO2?

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Carbon dioxide (CO2), which traps heat in the atmosphere, is the chief human contribution to global climate change.

We are responsible for CO2 emissions when we cool our homes, drive to the store, make a cup of tea, take a bath, or watch TV.

By adjusting our daily routines and making small changes in our homes, we can reduce the carbon dioxide we are responsible for emitting - and help curb climate change.

Earth Care currently offers two programs aimed at helping people reduce their household carbon footprint: the Task of the Month Program and Cut Your Carbon/Cut Your Costs Workshops.

Task of the Month Program

The Task of the Month Program breaks down the often complex process of reducing home energy use into twelve carefully chosen tasks, one for each month of the year. Descriptions of each task and instructions on how to complete them are available in print and online. See the Task of the Month page for more information.

Cut Your Carbon / Cut Your Costs Workshops

The Cut Your Carbon / Cut Your Costs Workshops provide simple, step-by-step guidance to help households cut their utility bills and the carbon dioxide emissions for which they are responsible. Participants choose what they want to do and learn how to put their choices into action.

The Low Carbon Diet program was developed by the Empowerment Institute and is based on 25 years of research into social change.

Set up a workshop in your congregation or have us organize one for you. Using a nationally-tested program and workbook, Earth Care’s trained facilitators will conduct a workshop for any congregation on site if ten of its members will participate. For details or to purchase a Cut Your Carbon workbook, contact us at EarthCareIndiana@gmail.com.