Faith-Based Resources


ARC: Alliance of Religions and Conservation

from About ARC: “ARC is a secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices... ARC was founded in 1995 by HRH Prince Philip.”

Look for the tab “Faiths and Ecology” along the top of the page to find information about religions (Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Zoroastriansim) and their stances on environmental issues.

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COEJL: Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

COEJL is a Jewish environmental organization founded in 1993. Their website includes information about the Mark and Sharon Bloome Jewish Environmental Leadership Institute, statements on policy issues, climate change campaigns, and guidance for greening synagogues.

Evangelical Environmental Network and Creation Care Magazine

EEN is a nonprofit organization and the publisher of Creation Care Magazine. Under “Actions for Churches,” there are several suggestions for greening projects that are based on EEN’s book, The Lord's House.

National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Programs

The NCC includes 18 Protestant denominations. Under “Campaigns and Initiatives,” look for the Green Churches Initiative, among others. Resources include “Practical Guide to Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Religious Building,” “How Many Light Bulbs Does it Take to Change A Christian: A Pocket Guide to Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint” and more.

Quaker Earthcare Witness
The starting point for Friends congregations interested in environmental issues, Resources include “How Eco-Friendly Is Your Meetinghouse? A Five-Star Rating System From Canadian Yearly Meeting's Quaker Ecology-Action Network.”

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth

The UU Ministry for Earth runs a Green Sanctuary Program for congregations. There are also PDF documents developed by member congregations, including a Green Audit Template, a Congregational Procurement Policy, and others.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: ENERGY STAR for Congregations

The EPA offers many free resources, including a how-to guide for congregations, “Putting Energy Into Stewardship,” technical information, a network of congregations involved in greening projects, links to other projects, and downloadable publicity materials.

U.S. Green Building Council

A nonprofit organization that administers the LEED green building certification program. This website offers free research publications, case studies, etc.