The Call to Care: Faith perspectives on the climate crisis

"And now we must accept, without a doubt, that the whole world, our home as we know it, is threatened. We need to respond, and our ability to respond -- indeed our "responsibility" -- is born from our awareness of our interconnection and our love and commitment to each other and our earth."
-Linda Ruth Cutts, Zen Buddhist Priest, Green Dragon Zen Temple, Marin County, CA

"Global warming can be seen through the lens of science and politics, which is fine. But it can also be seen through the lens of faith. Faith will move us like nothing else can. To work for policy and lifestyle change because of the science of the greenhouse effect will lead to some changes, but to work for those same things because as Christians we have to do all in our power to care for and heal God's creation, is a whole different thing... For me, bringing global warming into the world of faith is to bring it into the place where I am most at home. It is from a context of faith that I truly feel as if I can do something about global warming."
-Rev. Pat Watkins, United Methodist Pastor, Richmond, Virginia