Introducing the Task of the Month Program

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done around your house to save energy? Confused about what your priorities should be? Uncertain how to go about the tasks? Discouraged about what it all might cost you? The Task of the Month Program was developed with these concerns in mind.

Instead of trying to do everything at once, the Task of the Month encourages people to focus on one particular thing at a time. If you are participating as part of a congregation committed to this program, then you have a community of people around you working on the same task. Ask for help! Or offer it, if you are able.

The tasks in this program were chosen based on information provided by the Rocky Mountain Institute. The list includes simple things that everyone can do at no cost (adjusting your thermostat, washing clothes in cold water, turning electronics all the way off), as well as items that might require a small investment (installing a programmable thermostat, switching to CFLs, putting up a clothesline, sealing cracks and holes, adding caulk and weatherstripping) but will pay for themselves quickly in energy savings. You can then apply what you save on utility bills to larger projects, such as adding attic insulation.

Perhaps you have already completed a number of these tasks? Good for you! But you can still participate, and see further decreases in your bills. The Task of the Month program includes suggestions for “advanced” actions.

Ready to get started? See this month’s task, or find out how to implement the program in your congregation, neighborhood, or other organization. For information about other tasks, click on the list below.

Tasks for Each Month

January Insulate water heater and lower water heater temperature to 120F. Savings: $15/yr
February Insulate water pipes. Savings: $3/yr
March Install and use a programmable thermostat. Savings: $60/yr
April Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. Savings: $25/yr
May Air dry clothes in summer; wash clothes in cold water. Savings: $60/yr
June Increase AC thermostat by at least 3 degrees F. Savings: $20/yr
July Replace 6 interior and 1 exterior incandescent bulbs. Savings: $40/yr
August Weatherize windows and doors. Savings: $30/yr
September Seal large air leaks. Savings: $80/yr
October Add attic insulation; seal and insulate ducts. Savings: $200/yr
November Lower thermostat in winter by at least 2 degrees Savings: $20/yr
December Cut phantom energy loads by half or more. Savings: $25/yr