Walbicus to Worship

Join your faith community with others throughout Indiana to help us reach a tipping point, a critical mass of people who walk, bike, carpool or bus to worship. By acting together, we create an ever-widening circle of care for creation, a visible invitation to change our ways.

Why WALk, BIke, Carpool or bUS?

For an average American household, filling ‘er up:
  • costs nearly $2000 a year (2005 data) and
  • generates over 18,000 pounds of heat-trapping CO2 emissions.
Earth-friendlier transport provides time to relax, exercise, make new friends or see the old, and appreciate creation passing by. By walbicusing to worship, our communities will get in the habit of earth-friendly transport.

What do we do to participate?

We provide all the materials you need to publicize Walbicus to Worship Weekends in your community - a flier, an announcement, a sign-up sheet, even websites to find bus maps and carpooling tools and a list of used bike shops. Please let us know if your community will participate - EarthCareIndiana@gmail.com - so that we can include you in our press releases. The larger the number of participating communities, the more we’ll influence others to jump on the bandwagon… or bus or bike!

Helpful resources

Check out our Walbicus to Worship Photo Gallery.
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