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Let us create an ever-widening circle of care for creation.

We welcome congregations, congregational greening groups and individuals as members. To congregations and active members, we send emails no more than weekly. To others, we send emails no more than monthly. To join, email us at We provide a variety of services to any congregation and also encourage congregations to commit to becoming an Earth Care Covenant Community. When a congregation joins Earth Care, you signal to other congregations that caring for creation is important.

Earth Care Services for Any Congregation

To the best of our ability, Earth Care is committed to providing:

Let us know what interests you.

Covenant Communities

Beyond this, Earth Care will support congregations that choose to become covenant communities. A covenant community commits to:

  • 50% of its members participating in the Cut Your Carbon workshops, another carbon-reducing program, or demonstrate an already low carbon footprint.
  • Initiating outreach to at least one other faith community of same denomination locally or elsewhere in state to engage them in creation care activities
  • Congregational greening: completing Earth Care’s list of basic most effective energy conservation and efficiency actions.
  • Undergoing a congregational energy audit

Earth Care will provide technical and financial support to the best of its ability. Once a community completes the first five steps above, Earth Care will help it finance a professional energy audit to give it the guidance it needs to cut its energy usage and costs further.
Download the Earth Care Covenant and mail it back to Earth Care 1228 E. Maxwell Lane, Bloomington, IN 47401.