Science-Based Resources

The Science of Climate Change

The Union of Concerned Scientists on Global Warming 101:

New York Times Science editors’ overview on global warming:

At a loss for an argument?
How to talk to a climate skeptic:

Five myths concerning climate change:

Climate Progress – on the science and politics of climate change and energy --

Union of Concerned Scientists --

Natural Resources Defense Council --

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change paper on the scientific basis behind climate change:

How to Cut Your Carbon Emissions

Cut Your Footprint:

Reducing emissions from business travel:


Coal is either clean or cheap, but not both:

Several articles on the changing nature of coal as fuel:

Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage:

Clean Energy in Indiana

Climate Policy, Legislation, and Politics

Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana – essential for statewide information --

Environment America – green jobs campaign --

Friends Committee on National Legislation --

Hoosier Environmental Council - essential for statewide information -

Repower America – Al Gore’s campaign for 100% clean energy in 10 years --

Food and Climate Change

Northwest Earth Institute – good information on Ethical Eating --

Earth Save International – good information on Ethical Eating --

Food First – The Institute for Food and Development Policy --

The Oakland Institute – food and social justice --

Grassroots, Movements, Coalitions – grassroots climate action --

1Sky -

Carbon footprints

The Nature Conservancy’s explanation of the carbon footprint:

Carbon calculator and helpful suggestions on carbon reduction ideas tailored specifically to Indiana:
and also:

Greenhouse gases

Audio discussion on greenhouse gasses:

Missing greenhouse gas, NF3:

The carbon atom:

The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. The primary US Government (DOE) climate-change data and information center:

Academic explanation of carbon dioxide (C02):

Quick explanation of the C02 problem by the BBC Weather Centre:

The carbon atom and the carbon cycle:;

Environmental Protection explanation of carbon dioxide problem:

Carbon Dioxide Information Center FAQs:

Ocean regulation of C02:

Stats on C02 emissions: