Support Us

Why support Earth Care?

Earth Care seeks to serve any congregation in Indiana that would like our support, and we hope to reach out to faith communities throughout the state.

To make this happen, we need support. Any size donation or any amount of volunteer time is welcome, and will be used effectively.

Earth Care is a completely volunteer effort. Earth Care volunteers:

  • organize educational events and Walbicus to Worship weekends
  • plan and facilitate Cut Your Costs / Cut Your Carbon workshops
  • serve as Green Teams to help congregations green their buildings
  • organize advocacy;
  • apply for funds for bike racks, workshop workbooks, and educational events
  • promote earth care to internal and external audiences.

This work is urgent. Any help will enable us to reach out to congregations more quickly.

We need a volunteer or many to:

  • Set up or maintain a database
  • Identify potential funders for major projects
  • help congregations green. Experience with any one of the following would be especially helpful: heating and air conditioning, lighting, solar energy, landscaping, energy efficiency, building assessment.
  • Co-facilitate Cut Your Carbon workshops
  • Help manage our website
  • Help with our clerical and administrative work

We need financial assistance, large and small, for the following:

  • Publicity and outreach (printing, stationary, and postage)
  • Materials to help congregations weatherize to cut their energy use
  • Subsidies to enable congregations to purchase low-cost energy audits

Congregations serve as models for their members. When they make changes that cut their energy usage and bills, their members will see how and why it is done. And Earth Care will see to it that these changes are made in ways that foster learning in congregations. If you can help in any way, please contact us at

Checks may be made out to “Earth Care” and sent to our Treasurer, Marcia Veldman, at 6181 Kent Rd., Bloomington, IN 47401